Unlock specialist exercises to help weaken your urge to breathe and dive without contractions.

Let's boost your CO2 Tolerance - stress-free!

The CO2 Solution is designed to tune (not stress) your body, mind and nervous system to handle increased levels of CO2, without making you suffer!

We'll help you to progress more comfortably and consistently in all your diving with a 6-week CO2 tolerance training plan, video coaching and in-app message support.

Why You Need This
How We Get Results

The less your mind & body react to the warning signs of rising CO2 –

the better you'll dive!

Helping you tap into all these benefits...

  • The ability to fully relax and experience the BEST sensations during your dives.
  • Proper focus, undistracted by discomfort allowing you to improve your skills and technique faster than before.
  • Full awareness of your technique, helping you see, feel, and correct any mistakes or inconsistencies in your diving.
  • Maximum confidence, both consciously and subconsciously helping you overcome mental blocks and dive as efficiently as possible.

With a solid, comfortable breath hold,

everything else becomes easy!


Week Challenge


Dynamic Workouts


CO2 Exercises

Your 6 Week Training Programme

Combining a series of highly effective exercises that we've been using for years to train a global squad of freedivers to success, we will help you:

  • Delay your urge to breathe and 1st contraction.
  • Weaken your urge to breathe once it’s started.
  • Increase your comfort zone and overall relaxation.

By prioritising comfort over pushing, working on your CO2 tolerance correctly, and allowing yourself the time to adapt to your training properly…

…It is possible to dive deeper and longer without an intense urge to breathe and uncomfortable contractions in an actually enjoyable way!




Join the rebellion to train in a comfortable and enjoyable way! Supported by a community of people on the same journey as you: Ask questions, share your success and motivate others.

🎉Community Successes 🎉

Effective AND Enjoyable CO2 Tolerance Training For Apnea Looks Like…

  • Exercises that tune (not stress) your mind, body, & nervous system to increased CO2.
  • Training adjusted to your current level.
  • Taking proper rest and a full breathe up whenever you need it.
  • Not comparing yourself to others & being overly self-critical.
  • Progressing only when you’re comfortable!

What you get:

  • 6-Week CO2 Tolerance Training Programme For Apnea
  • 12 Dynamic Diving Workouts Specifically Targeting Delaying & Weakening Your Urge To Breathe / Contractions
  • Enjoyable Exercises That You Can Perform In The Pool, Dry, Or With Apnea Walking
  • Self-Assessment Tools To Evaluate Your CO2 Tolerance & Pick The Right Training Level For You
  • Video Series With Top Tips For Maximising The Training
  • One-Of-A-Kind Freedive Coaching & Training App: Unlock expert training with a tap of a finger
  • In-App Community Messaging: You can have conversations with your dive buddies and dedicated coaches all in one place!
  • BONUS: Contraction-Free Diving 90-Minute Pre-Recorded Workshop

ALL for $289 ... only $97!

(limited-time only)

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Got Questions?

Do I need to be a member to buy a 6-week training programme?

Nope! Our monthly membership is for anyone who wants to build their Apnea Fitness consistently, with expertly programmed weekly workouts. But if you've got your general Apnea Fitness covered. Then all you'll need to do is download the app for free, buy the programme you want, and once purchased, it will magically appear in your App!

Can I start this whenever I want?

Absolutely! It's designed to fit in with your individual training. We have people taking the challenge worldwide, all doing it in different time zones and months of the year. Once you download the plan, you can start whenever you want and then follow the weekly schedule to complete the programme.

What if I have questions about the training?

Your success is important to us, so we will always do our best to support your training with expert guidance and coaching as and when needed. Inside the App, you will get access to a dedicated community channel where you can ask questions and get answers from Coach Nathan or the other community members taking the programme. All you need to do is drop us a message in the App or @mention us in your dedicated group chat, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

How long do I have access to the programme?

You will get access to the 6-week programme for 90 days. In our experience, having a set timeframe to complete the training provides the extra motivation to take action immediately and overcome your CO2 issues. If you would like access to the programme for longer, consider signing up for our membership.

What if I miss a session or a week?

For best results, we recommend carrying out the programme from start to finish – without breaks (unless you get sick) . If you miss a session, roll it over to your next training day and continue from there. If you miss up to two weeks, you will likely need to start over to maximise your chance of success. Remember, consistency is key to making the adaptations you need to improve.

Can I do other training around the plan?

Yes, doing pool or depth training around this plan is possible. However, to avoid over-training, we only recommend doing a maximum of four breath-hold sessions per week.

What if it doesn't work?

Having successfully trained a global squad of freedivers, of which over 90% had CO2 issues, we're confident you'll see a big difference by following the training! For best results, ensure that you find and stick to your level, giving you the best chance of success. Don't be tempted to 'push' into the above level, as you'll encounter similar problems. We will show you how to select the right level for you in the programme. If you follow our advice and don't make progress, message us in the app, and we'll review your situation before offering a solution.


Having successfully helped a global squad of committed athletes with goals ranging from improving their general comfort and enjoyment to doing multiple national records and world championship competitions in every discipline.

We now want to put our innovative training system in the hands of every diver who wants to dive with more comfort, enjoyment, and ease. Our one-of-a-kind coaching & training App unlocks all of our best programmes and advice, putting you at the centre of your training so you can outperform yourself.