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Having a bulletproof breath hold will help you take that extra turn in the pool effortlessly, reach the bottom of the line more easily, and experience any kind of recreational diving more comfortably and enjoyably! That's why it's essential to start here.

We'll prepare you for the best diving of your life with a 6-week training plan, video coaching and in-app message support.

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BONUS 1: Smart AF Dynamic Workouts Of The Week ($180)

B-E-E-F up your apnea fitness with our done-for-you weekly dynamic training sessions to put you in the zone and supercharge your diving – comfortably and enjoyably!

  • Balanced – we use zone training to carefully build your apnea fitness week-by-week
  • Easy to follow – we avoid messy, complicated sessions with a simple structure that works
  • Effective – we tailor each exercise to your level, developing your skills, comfort and confidence
  • Fun – we focus on enjoyment as that’s how we truly unlock your potential!

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Static Training Hacks ($99)

8 videos combining coaches' smartest strategies for overcoming common breath-hold challenges that prevent most divers from reaching their potential.

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  • 6-Week Bulletproof Breath-hold Challenge: Upgraded from our bestselling 4-week plan with added personalisation, bonus videos and training ($250)
  • A Comfortable Challenge helping you set a new static PB or improve your breath-hold without the struggle
  • 4 Types of Breath-Hold Tables (CO2/ O2) to help you achieve your personal best
  • Step-By-Step Videos to help you prepare, plus detailed instructions for each exercise
  • Specialist Warm-up & Breathing Exercises to supercharge your breath-holding
  • BONUS – Smart AF Dynamic Workouts of The Week: 6 plug-and-play sessions tailored to your level and based on the principles of zone training ($180)
  • BONUS – Smart AF Static Training Hacks Video Series: Helping you avoid common struggles and train at your best ($99)
  • One-Of-A-Kind Freedive Coaching & Training App: Unlock expert training with a tap of a finger
  • In-built community features and messaging: You can have conversations with your dive buddies and dedicated coaches all in one place (priceless)

ALL for $529 ... only $97!

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be a member to buy a 6-week training programme?

Nope! Our monthly membership is for anyone who wants to build their Apnea Fitness consistently, with expertly programmed weekly workouts. But if you've got your general Apnea Fitness covered. Then all you'll need to do is download the app for free, buy the programme you want, and once purchased, it will magically appear in your App!

How will this programme help me improve my breathhold?

Applying the principles of sports science, we will slowly increase your average breath-hold time over 6 weeks, helping you to get more and more prepared to do your max. To compensate for this increase in breath-hold time, the number of breath-holds per session slowly decreases weekly to ensure you're recovering well and not stressing your nervous system too much and making it too hard. By following the plan by the end of the 6th week, you will feel confident in doing your 1-rep max and setting a new personal best.

Why shouldn't I do a max breath-hold every week?

Realistically, if you're doing a max breath-hold, you can only do one of these per session a few times a week. Now, if you want to improve, you need to do enough training volume, which means multiple breath-holds per session, session after session, and week after week. So, by only doing a max, you're not doing enough training to make the necessary improvements; therefore, you need to drop the intensity to do enough breath-holds to allow you to make the necessary adaptations.

Will I get support from a freediving coach?

You betcha, we will do our best to support your training with expert guidance and coaching as and when needed. All you need to do is drop us a message in the App or @mention us in your dedicated group chat, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Can I start this whenever I want?

Absolutely! It's designed to fit in with your individual training. We have people taking the challenge worldwide, all doing it in different time zones and months of the year. Once you download the plan, you can start whenever you want and then follow the weekly schedule to complete the programme.

How long do I get access to the programmes?

After purchase, you will receive access to your 6-week training programme for 90 days. In our experience, having a set timeframe to complete the training provides the extra motivation to stick to the plan and achieve the best results. But we know life happens, and sometimes things come up. That's why you will have double the time to complete the training if you need a break.

What if I miss a session or a week?

There are 3 breath-hold sessions per week, and 1 DYN workout included, and you get to decide what days of the week you do them on. If you miss a session, roll it over to your next training day and continue from there. If you miss up to two weeks, you will likely need to start over to maximise your chance of success. Remember, consistency is key to making the adaptations you need to improve.

Can I do other training around the plan?

Yes, doing pool or depth training around this plan is possible. However, to avoid over-training, we only recommend doing a maximum of four breath-hold sessions per week. For example, you can use the plan to do two dry breath-hold and two depth sessions, making four in total. If you do this, spread your dry sessions over an extended period, like 8-10 weeks. If you're pool training, you'll find our weekly DYN workout the perfect accompaniment to your dry training, helping to build your whole Apnea Fitness without even thinking about it!

How do I cancel or get a refund?

For refund:

If for any reason, you are not happy with the programmes and support, you can get in touch with us at to discuss a refund. Refunds are provided on a case-by-case basis and are not typically considered unless every effort has been made to use the programmes as intended or within 14 days of purchase.

For cancellation:

If you have purchased a subscription directly on our website and you decide not to renew your subscription for another month/year, you can cancel it by emailing You won’t be charged for this any further, but you will remain subscribed until your next renewal date.

Please be informed that in-app purchases made through our mobile application are exempted from the above. In-app purchases adhere to the cancellation and refund policies and guidelines of the respective app stores (Apple Store and Google Play Store).